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Nudg’s purpose is to improve human behaviour one ‘nudg’ at a time, positively changing the path of chronic illness and mental wellbeing for good.

In our first project with Nudg we designed and validated a number of prototypes to inform an MVP to provide personalised intelligence for T1 Diabetics.

The challenge

Managing T1 diabetes is complex. Existing products and services are limited in how they provide accurate intelligence to help people manage the complexity of T1, balancing different variables such as insulin, nutrition & blood sugar.

Our approach

During a 12 week engagement, we partnered with nutritionists, T1 specialists, and AI engineers to understand how to put real time data in the hands of a T1 patient by 2024, so that they can confidently control their blood sugar levels.

The team focussed on parents of kids 0-12 and well as 13-20 year olds with T1, and mapped each phase of care including diagnosis, early management, being with adults/support, being away from adults/support, established management, along with external variables and inputs such as changing technology. 

Applying various lenses to those different stages of the journey with diabetes, we mapped the users emotional state, and identified the different actors that play an important part. For example; encounters with healthcare professionals, diagnosis, treatment, follow up, and guidance for living with T1 & managing episodes during those various emotional states. 

Gaining a thorough understanding of the ecosystem surrounding T1 diabetes including hardware, digital platforms, health tech, health & nutritional platforms assisted with making informed design decisions about prototyping the target product and service for MVP.

Insights on pain points such as education, information, nutrition, exercise, and understanding expectations about how individuals would like to manage T1, briefed a series of prototypes aimed at teenagers. Consideration was given to language and tone of voice when designing for teenagers and how the overall design would appeal to them.

The continuous feedback from users, health professionals, and other actors, coupled with measurements of progression provided valuable insight during testing to evolve and iterate the prototypes and concepts to inform the MVP. 

Hypotheses and assumptions for various business models were tested in parallel to gauge appetite for subscription models, partnering with 3rd parties, and types of products users would be willing to adopt and pay for.

The culmination of work informed our MVP for Nudg as well as a user validated business model. 

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  • Smarter understanding of the value proposition and feature ideas for the MVP
  • Trust established with families and end users 
  • Collection and aggregating of data, to play a part in the foundation for Nudg’s deep learning AI strategy
  • Shared knowledge for designing for teenagers and how to meet their needs using different technologies

Skillsets and expertise implemented as part of our work with Nudg:

  • Nutrition & Wellbeing
  • AI
  • Behavioral Science and Psychology
  • Design research
  • Service design
  • User experience design (POC testing)
  • Business Design

Partners who assisted as part of our work with Nudg:

  • JDRF
  • Manchester NHS Trust
  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital (Queensland, Aus)

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Christel Wolthoorn

Christel Errill Wolthoorn

Managing Director


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