Lloyds Banking Group

Making wealth management personal

Lloyds Banking Group is the UK’s largest retail banking group. 

We combined our expertise in service design and prototyping to create an end-to-end journey for Lloyds’ wealth customer events – along with proofs of concept and recommendations and plans for future events and experiences.

The challenge

Lloyds wanted to ensure they were meeting the needs of their wealth customers by helping them take advantage of Lloyd’s strategic partnership with Schroders. A partnership focussed on developing personal relationships with wealth customers. The team at Lloyds asked us to explore the opportunity to increase referrals between themselves and Schroders by building better awareness and understanding of products, services and specialist events in branches. Our challenge was to understand customers’ opinions of events, clarify what were relevant and useful event topics and map out a new event calendar and experience.

Our approach

To really understand this specialist group of customers we immersed ourselves in Lloyds existing in-depth research. We built on this with our own competitor analysis and analogous inspiration – understanding behaviours and needs from the perspectives of the Lloyds team as well as their market competitors. From here we wanted to take more of a customer-focussed/needs driven approach – layering in primary (design) research techniques – visiting branches across the UK to observe and speak to people as they interacted with the services and events already taking place in branches – building a valuable backlog of unmet needs.

We built a picture of the wealth customer and mapped out the end-to-end service journey, both the ‘as-is’ and ‘ideal future’ state. Concentrating on building a shared experience vision of where we wanted to be and how we were going to get there between team, stakeholders and customers.

We used rapid prototyping to make our ideas tangible and get them into the hands of (wealth) customers – giving us access to insight and feedback to thread back into our iterative design process.


The team from Lloyds and LovedBy designed more than 50 experience and event recommendations for Lloyds banking branches across the UK, along with the processes needed to set up and run them successfully. 

Together with the Lloyds team we put into place a series of actionable plans on next actions and how our work should shape future experiences and events across the country.

Skillsets and expertise implemented as part of our work with Lloyds:

  • Design research
  • Service design
  • User experience design
“Having worked with you across a number of large projects, it’s fair to say you bring a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to the table, married with the perfect amount of creative flair and innovative problem solving. You’re not afraid to try new agile ways of working and to push the boundaries of creative thinking. You’re superb at taking us on every step of the journey and excel at stakeholder engagement across every level of the business.”
Paula Rowntree
Head of Branch Formats and Design – Lloyds Banking Group

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Christel Errill Wolthoorn

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