Lloyds Banking Group

Co-designing for fast growth customers

Lloyds Banking Group is the UK’s largest retail banking group. 

In our second major project with Lloyds we designed a customer-centric in-branch proposition for their Business Banking customers.

The challenge

Lloyds wanted to better understand their fast-growth business customers in order to help support them to grow and prosper by connecting them to relevant expertise both in and outside of the Bank. We were tasked with building an opportunity roadmap to evolve their existing business hub proposition, which focussed primarily on start up businesses, for the new Bank of Scotland Flagship Branch, in Glasgow.

Our approach

Building on our already strong relationship with Lloyds, we partnered with their team and co-located in our Manchester Studio. We helped upskill the team on user-centred mindsets and the tools and techniques required. Across 8-weeks, we co-designed with subject matter experts from across the organisation, working to break down silos and truly understand, and document, the needs, wants and pain points of their fast growth business customers. 

We immersed ourselves in existing research, before speaking with customers across the UK – London, Manchester and Glasgow- to understand where they were on their business journey and where they sought support and advice to grow their business, as well as their expectations of the bank.  

We identified, and brought to life, the different users and their emotional journeys, determining themes and topics for tailoring responses, events and experiences to Lloyds’ fast-growth customers.

By working in the open, sharing and learning as we went along, we demonstrated our work to the wider business and aligned everyone behind one vision for the future … and a way how to deliver it.


By collaborating across labs we were able to map and illustrate the business customers’ end-to-end journey. This led to:

  • Improved understanding of customers needs
  • Connected journeys between start-up businesses and fast-growth businesses
  • The identification of new opportunities for business customer referrals 

Skillsets and expertise implemented as part of our work with Lloyds:

  • Design research
  • Service design
  • User experience design
“Having worked with you across a number of large projects, it’s fair to say you bring a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to the table, married with the perfect amount of creative flair and innovative problem solving. You’re not afraid to try new agile ways of working and to push the boundaries of creative thinking. You’re superb at taking us on every step of the journey and excel at stakeholder engagement across every level of the business.”
Paula Rowntree
Head of Branch Formats and Design – Lloyds Banking Group

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Christel Wolthoorn

Christel Errill Wolthoorn

Managing Director


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