A new breed of design consultancy.

We’re a blended team of experts from a wide range of backgrounds including design, technology, science, organisational change and business strategy.

We’re all driven by the opportunities created by continuous changes in technology, the environment and human behaviour. Like you we’re at the beginning of our understanding of the realities of life with Covid-19 and what it means to be living, working and doing business during a global pandemic. Together, we’re helping our client partners change and adapt.

  • We ask “why?” and “what’s next?”

    Successful product and service innovation cannot exist in isolation. It needs people and teams that understand the importance of working in the open, continuous improvement and ongoing user validation. A team curious to ask “why?” and “what’s next?”.

  • We’re driven by human behaviour.

    Our ways of working are grounded in the belief that every change requires an understanding of how you challenge people to think and behave differently. We identify emotional journeys and the opportunities they bring – turning insight into solutions that are loved by users and driven by design.

  • We’re cross disciplinary and collaborative.

    We’re a diverse team of designers, strategists, scientists, behavioural psychologists, software engineers, researchers and creatives. We share an in-depth understanding of shifting social, environmental and cultural needs, and organisational demands. We work with the partner that is right for the opportunity ahead.

  • We invest our profit to deliver our purpose.

    We don’t just create breakthrough products and services for clients. We create our own IP – investing a percentage of our profits, time and expertise into changing lives and creating positive social impact. Nudg is our journey into improving long term health and wellbeing for those with chronic illness through behavioural change and AI.

  • We're committed to designing for a diverse and inclusive world.

    Product and service design can help shape the world and how we experience it. We are committed to representing diverse voices in all aspects of our work. This includes working to secure diverse groups of research participants and using accessible, appropriate methods, tools and platforms to engage people in ways that work for them.

Our approach.

  • We think and act strategically.

    We understand how to apply design to its greatest effect when working in team, business and industry contexts.

  • We make things real.

    We bring abstract concepts and ideas to life – helping all stakeholders participate and engage. We use prototyping to influence decision making and make strategy real.

  • We challenge teams to think differently.

    Future vision and user focus over business as usual. And from “absolutely not!” to “why not?”.

  • We’re communicators and facilitators.

    We understand the importance of conveying complex ideas, regardless of the audience. And understand the value of working and sharing in the open.

Meet the team.

We’re a team of designers, strategists, scientists, behavioural psychologists, software engineers, researchers and creatives.

Chris Loxley

Chris Loxley

Head of research and Behavioural Science

Christel Wolthoorn

Christel Errill Wolthoorn

Managing Director

Jerome Joyce

Service Designer

Joseph Whelan

Lead Visual Designer

Laura Parsonage

Finance Director

Mark Carrington

Senior Client Partner

Matt Farrar

Matt Farrar


Nikki Payne

Executive Assistant


Zafer Bilda

Lead Service Designer

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